“Generation Why?” Reaction

I strongly agree with many points of the article. The fact that people are pretending to be someone that they are really not is scary. You can see that every day, people putting up statuses or uploading pictures as if in a popularity contest. Social media users attempt to live up to their connections expectations and to look as cool as possible in their eyes.

I think that in some way, people follow trends such as wearing a certain brand or watching a TV series in order to fit into society. Nowadays, society is far more open than it was ten years ago (the gap gets wider as we go far back in time) and by being so, people need to live up to the expectations. What are these expectations? Whatever marketing tells us. Be cool, show yourself, be there, etc. Is this right? Is it wrong? We do not know. It may be just a new way of living; perhaps a transition into something new.

We can all agree this lifestyle has no precedents, which makes the possibility of a social comparison very unlikely. We can hypothesize, debate, and even attempt to formulate standards of what is right or wrong, but we cannot dictate trends.


3 thoughts on ““Generation Why?” Reaction

  1. I agree with your points. I feel like the marketing and advertisement world are slowly brain washing our society on how they ought to look and why they ought to look that way. Most of the ads I see on TV, Magazines, websites, etc. are always projecting a particular image, an image that is fake and unrealistic, an image that is not yourself, but someone else’s.

  2. I totally agree with you about the point you make, how Facebook is like a popularity contest. I no longer have a Facebook, I believe i had maybe 300 friends (I probably new 5% of that) and most of these people don’t about what your doing. It id extremely scary that people hide behind their Facebook pretending to be someone they’re not. Facebook has caused so much bad, the only way I see it bringing any good is if your friends were your family in close friends. Yes you can categorize them for the millions of other people you don’t know, but that means nothing. keeping in touch with people you care about (possibly one poiny in Facebook) should be special and personal, there is nothing personal about Facebook.

  3. I like that you note that society is much more open than in the past. I feel as though society is split, but even within the same people; teens are being more true and open and acting like themselves, but at the same time the social media gives them a false sense of who they should be. I am not sure that makes sense but it’s almost as if all of the media pushes the youth in a direction and they then believe that’s who they are supposed to be and is then confident about it; but maybe it’s not them at all. I like your points and agree with your thoughts.

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