In Response to Janine

Yes, there are many other ways to communicate other than Facebook. There’s texting, twitter, facetime, etc. I think Facebook kind of started a “Generation” to a higher standard for social media networks. If you think about it first there was Myspace which wasn’t so successful, then there was Facebook that actually hit big. It made an impact on society which eventually led to there being other social media networks such as now Twitter where you can communicate with your favorite celebrities, actors, athletes, etc., Linked In where it’s like an online resume and profile of your experience and career credentials, YouTube has become even bigger with the help of Facebook, and Twitter, and I believe that the future of social media networks will just get bigger, and affect society whether it’s good or bad. I think it’s all up to the user, and how much time they spend on it and how they control themselves on these sites. For example, on Facebook some jobs look up your profile to see if you have a picture of you with a beer keg at a bar with another person or they look for reasons to not hire you. So I think it all depends on the user.


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