“Generation “Why”” respomse

After reading the essay “Generation Why” I got to thinking about the pros and cons of the internet.  The internet has helped a lot of people become famous, it helped many people become successful, and it gives a lot of people confidence. The internet can be a great tool to help you get yourself out there and to get information on things you’d like to know. The internet can also take all of that away, I feel Like “1.0” people have a better chance getting through different kinds of situation without needing the assistance of others. With the aide of social networks like Facebook and Instagram, people are always looking for the approval of others. One needs to feel the instant gratification that what they’re doing is cool or acceptable. Some people even hide behind their online identity, and cannot do anything publicly. It’s sad to think that people are no longer individuals, were all put into categories, or at least those who continue to live their lives through social networks. I for one, am no longer apart of the “2.0” movement, I like the idea of holding books, talking to people in person, and enjoying a night out with my friends. (without taking pictures to document the entire night, things like that are mostly done because people are trying to prove something to their online friends) These new technologies are taking away from that, living in the moment becomes a lot more work than it needs to be. Smith is angry about how individualism is becoming extinct, and I am as well. Clearly Zuckerberg is seen as a brilliant man for creating the “amazing” Facebook, which he is, but he didn’t necessarily do anything good for us.


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