NPR On Being Bias

Eduardo Salgado

Sep. 17, 2012

I think this radio broadcast could have taken a different direction when trying to figure out if NPR was bias or not. The simply answer is “yes” they are bias and they took so much time trying to convince their guests that they were the least bias off all other networks and shows. They did however say something that caught my attention, which was an issue of ethics. They mentioned that many people don’t consider themselves bias because they always pick the side of peace. This opinion was challenged when they mentioned that this opinion was bias because they were choosing peace over violence, therefore picking a side. I began to think and they were right, what if all the wars we were involved in we as a nation decided to try to keep the peace within our own country. Is peace always the answer? Or should we resort to violence all the times? It is never easy deciding between the both in this country and there are always different opinions on what actions should be taken. At this time decisions like this are not solely based on just peace or violence but also money, politics, etc. The point I want to get through is the fact that even when one think that their decision is the most obvious and ethical they are still choosing to do the complete opposite of that, and by doing this one is still being bias.


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