NPR response

The re-occurring question that is on everyone’s mind after listening to On the Media, “is NPR biased”? When answering this particular question I feel you need to take many things into consideration. One thing I noticed that changes your opinion on whether the radio station is biased depends on your political views. The people who were Conservative believed that the radio station was biased, and I’m assuming Liberals believed otherwise. Looking at that information does seem that maybe it is a biased radio show, or are they just bringing up topics that are relevant, and interview people who conservatives don’t agree with, or maybe do agree with? For me I feel I can’t sit there and tell someone one thing when they clearly feel otherwise, I do feel that it all depends on the topic and what your beliefs are, for you to be able to answer this question. I do think that the radio show interviews a wide range of people who clearly has different views than one another, making it seem to ME, that it is not biased. My opinion can be different than the next persons. I do feel that they bring up relevant topics, and they interview all kinds of people that may not agree with each other. NPR may also be playing devils advocate, making the show more interesting. Whatever the case may be I don’t feel they are a biased radio show.


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