“Does NPR Have a Liberal Bias?” Response

In this week’s “On the Media” podcast, NPR posed the question of whether or not their radio broadcast is based off a “liberal bias”. No radio talk show, news broadcast, etc. wants to ever admit that they are distorting their opinions on chosen topics of discussion. But is it that audiences want to hear merely facts about a subject? Usually no, because then it’s not entertaining, yet people want to criticize opinions.   

Just because they mostly cover stories based off a liberal point of view may not necessarily mean that they are partisan individuals. Because of their controversial and societal topics along with language and tone, conservative people may feel that they are being biased. Not to mention, they are they ones who are also funding them.

NPR discusses topics that are relevant to the public, which some believe only appeal to liberals because they aren’t limiting their opinions. They don’t conform to boundaries and limitations of other sources of media, they allow themselves to have more open-minded conversations, giving multiple points of view a specific issues. Certain things they say will gratify a liberal, but may offend a conservative. Also, they choose to focus on matters that mainstream media won’t necessarily cover. In my opinion, they are stating their honest thoughts and maybe some people are just afraid to hear the truth, and it’s easier for those people to just tag them as bias. It may be that  NPR turns their attention to an issue that conservatives may fully agree with and liberals not, then the next day vice versa. It’s left as an open-ended question as to who and what really determines whether or not NPR or any source of media for that matter is truly biased.


2 thoughts on ““Does NPR Have a Liberal Bias?” Response

  1. I touched on much of this in my response as well, however I never took into account the language and culture barrier that may also be a huge factor in how listeners obtain the information from the podcast. I agree with you about how without tone, the podcast would be boring. Its a loose-loose situation when it comes to media outlets, because showing any sort of emotion towards a subject could lead to claims of being biased, however showing no emotion or tone would lead to a giant decrease in listenership.

  2. The title of this post is a rhetorical question correct? Actually, you may be on to something. Maybe NPR does not participate in media bias. I would instead call it systemic bias in favor of socialism. At least when anything political is involved. Lets be honest, almost everything is about politics these days.

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