NPR biased?

When first listening to NPR’s newest podcast, it was hard to relate since I’ve only been listening for about two weeks. But from my own knowledge, the one thing most news sources try to stay clear of is coming off sounding biased. It makes since then that NPR would go through so much work to prove any claims of this wrong. It was interesting to hear from so many different sources and their ways of figuring out numbers to show evidence that NPR doesn’t show a liberal bias, and it really surprised me that there were people willing to go back over On the Media’s past shows to collect solid examples of NPR being neutral. Being in classes like Writing for the Media and Journalism showed me how difficult it is to try to stay neutral in a situation, because everyone’s human with their own thoughts on the matter. With this being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if NPR may give off a certain tone to some of their listeners. However at the end of the day, tones will always be present until robots takes over, so listeners need to be able to listen to the content and try to ignore the tones.


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