Response to “Generation Why?”

“Generation Why?” is one of the best written articles I have ever read. For starters, the subject on which it is written about is one that is familiar to most people in this day and age. Facebook. Even my mom, who repeats “technology is the devil” at least once a week, will walk straight into the computer room when she gets home to check her notifications. Looking at it from Smith’s view, it is quite a sad thing that a person’s individuality is being depleted even though the initial goal in having a Facebook page is to “stand out.” And I completely agree with her argument. While reading each of her points, I only began to agree even more with her opinions. Why have a Facebook? To see how many people you can get to “like” a status you post or a picture you share. Because in a world where acceptance is everything, this site makes it easier than ever to feel accepted.

I do have a Facebook, of course, and my initial thought was “Yeah! I should delete this to be the ultimate individual!” But we all know it is much easier said than done. I love being connected with my friends in France that I haven’t seen in 3 years, or to be able to message someone in class for the homework. And like everyone else, I too like being “liked.” In fact, the first thing I did after reading the article was to share it on my Facebook, so my friends would be able to read it also. So regardless of how accurate Smith was with her description on owning an account on a social network site, such as Facebook, I will continue to be another sheep in the herd, on Facebook.


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