Participatory Journalism

In my opinion, I believe that participatory journalism is probably what I would call the “new type” of journalism today. So many people have tagged along onto news stories, and websites, and are even able to comment on blogs or postings. I also think that in a way we ourselves are participatory journalists because we create our own ideas, and stories such as in class when we speak of Facebook, and other social media networks as well as texting, and the new “digital era”. Lievrouw refers to participatory journalism as a genre with a distinctive form and purpose, and corresponds to particular practices and institutions in society. She also mentions that this form of journalism seeks to critique and reform the press as an institution by involving “amateur” or “native” reporters and writers in the practice of journalism. I think that perfectly defines what it is, and “critique” and “reform” are two words that perfectly describe how other writers whether they are journalists or not contribute to this journalistic style. We read the news stories that we see and then we decide to either add more or comment on what actually really did happen or what could of happen and I know many news sites are now allowing for participants to speak on current events and issues around the globe. Another important line that I agreed with Lievrouw, was that participatory journalism projects are typically kept small to encourage the participation of “non-professionals” in the coverage of local or specialized issues that large news organizations would ordinarily consider too minor to cover. As I mentioned in class that with the help of technology, and house music blowing up again, music producers are now able to create their own genres such as dubstep or skriller mixes. Well in this case for journalism, participatory journalism has become a popular genre in the media today. An example of it, would be now some magazines and newspapers allow you to share your stories on things we read about and send them in and if they like them they can be published. News stations allow us to write on their websites. I guess we can also say some news stations have numbers and emails that if you see something or a news story call it in and share it. So first they’re going to go based on what you say cause that individual is who is feeding them all they want to know and hear.


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