NPR “Fact Checkers”

Eduardo Salgado

In the NPR segment the importance of facts in the media was discussed, and it mentioned just how important the facts are when reporting the news. There was an organization that mentioned that after one mistake they committed when reporting the news that this mistake raised question in their credibility. As they quoted in the segment “Journalist are always writing” so the probability of reporters and journalists making mistakes is high. After the mistake they did not fire the reporters or just make the correction and pretend like nothing happened. They added fact checkers into their budget and were more cognizant of the information they were broadcasting as news. They did this because a couple more mistakes and they can wave goodbye to their credibility. Anyone today can be a journalist, but there are of course more reliable sources, and these are the sources people usually trust to receive factual news. These mistakes are always under the watch of other reporters and the public so fact checkers today are a must. Facts are meant to be truth but in today’s world we need only fact checkers for actual facts that can be proven, like if an accident occurred or a tragedy. The media twists and edits so much that now all we hear could be their own version of the truth. I’m wondering if we will ever have fact checkers for that aspect of the media? We want to receive the facts, but should we be able to have a source that tells us exactly everything that was said and what happened? I feel that we will not because media today is more about influencing than actually telling the whole truth and giving the public all the facts



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