Lievrouw vs Lanier

Eduardo Salgado (Sep. 27)

I will get straight to the point and say that I fully agree with Lanier and find no reason to agree with any of Lievrouw’s arguments. Times obviously are changing, but that does not mean that just because information is easy accessible and could be downloaded for free that it should not be treated more seriously. These movies and songs belong to the artist and the filmmakers, and just like anything that is copyrighted taking these items freely is illegal. I am in favor of the Internet cracking down to get rid of sites like Limewire and Napster because now the downloaders are forced to look into other sites that make it more difficult to download what they want and probably the quality is not as good. Many people used to rely on these sites for their music and once they were shut down all they were left with was risking downloading and in return getting some other song or movie, or even viruses. Now we have iTunes and my personal favorite Spotify that have found the correct system to get people to pay for their music and support the artists. In Spotify the people who still wish to continue listening to free music still have the chance to do that through their computers. The catch is that they are denied usage through their Iphones, and have to listen to those annoying commercials. Once you pay a reasonable fee of only 10 dollars a month you can get rid of those commercials and have access to millions of songs through your computer and Iphone. You don’t even have to risk viruses and the download is instant. Spotify eliminates the risk, it includes the songs you want, downloads them on the spot, and is legal. The public has to realize that these artist just like you and me want to make money, and if the artist and the public can agree on a method like Spotify I think we should keep it that way. 


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