NPR Bias?

Does NPR have a liberal bias was the topic of concern on this weeks “On the Media.” In my opinion, I believe it has much to do with your political views. Whether you are a conservative or a liberal, you are going to view the broadcast in your own perspective based on your political background. The radio station is of course going to deny speculations of their show to be bias. However, each radio station has to keep the topic of their conversations interesting in order to grab their listeners attention and draw more listeners in. Some believe the topics that are discussed on the show are only directed towards liberals because they are topics with no boundaries and no limits. It seems NPR is just stating their thoughts and how they feel in an honest and opened ended way and I don’t see what is wrong with that. Those on the opposing side may not agree with this so they put a label on the show saying they are bias. However, I think this could change at any moment. There may be sometimes when conservatives may agree with what NPR is talking about and i wonder if every conservative person is thinking NPR has a liberal bias? I think it is too hard to put a bias label on NPR because we just don’t know what everyone thinks and just because the show likes to voice their personal opinions on a subject, doesn’t give people the right to call them bias.

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