NPR Bias

I think it’s really impressive that any news organization would examine their own potential bias. Unfortunately, I don’t think that those accusing NPR of having a bias would accept their own investigation into themselves if the outcome showed that they weren’t.

I think that there is potential to change news organizations in a time where accusations of bias are flung back and forth if these organizations acknowledged they have bias, or truthfully investigated themselves. For example, if Fox News admitted that they were biased to the right, or if MSNBC admitted they leaned toward the left, there’s a chance that viewers might look for an alternative news source and a legitimate news organization would pop up, or that these organizations would deliver the facts of the stories without trying to spin them.

Critics of an organization claiming bias will hold onto that claim, but I really appreciated NPR, or On The Media, attempting to take an honest look at their broadcasting history to try to find out if and how biased they are. It serves as an acknowledgement that bias creeps up in any situation involving humans, and that there must be an attempt to curtail it as much as possible.


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