On the Media (Week 9/10-9/14

What is happening to the world? and why are politics utilizing the media negatively? To me It seems as if the media is being used as a way for political candidates to discuss non-important issues, like “who is better than who.” As mentioned in this week’s NPR pod-cast, real issues in the world should be more mainstream and covered more often. The digitalized world we live in now is making people lazy and instead of actually reading or watching shows with “substantial topics” they tend to only see or read snippets of the news on twitter, facebook and other social media sites. Not only is our society becoming dumbed-down, but it seems as if we are getting unreal information or a representation of what should be real–a combination of both. We are attacking superficial topics as opposed to real ones. 

 NPR discussed that the political convention was more of an informercial and a staged ad than an actual convention that focused on real election issues. Michelle Obama’s speech seemed as a “simulated performance,” one of the reporters mentioned how different it was to watch it in person than on the TV, its misrepresented on TV. I never knew that there were teleprompters used for politicians to give speeches and of course the media won’t show the audience this. I think that they were a bit harsh on Michelle, but to me it seems as an act and the doubt of her speech possibly being fake is there, although she “wrote” her speech, I am still it still thrown off by it because we are still not targeting the real issues among these candidates. 


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