Participatory Journalism

When Lievrouw describes the rise and activity of Participatory Journalism, she delivers the facts of its history, giving the readers dates, numbers, locations, etc. However, she seems to have an overall positive attitude towards Participatory Journalism. I’ve tried to view it in a positive light, but I just haven’t been able to.

I agree that in some cases, individuals can spread news, or inform journalists of a potential news story. However, I don’t feel that the average person is able to actually report on the news story. Journalists have gone through training, they (are supposed to) have a code of ethics that guides what stories they cover and how they cover them. If there’s an important story, I just don’t trust the guy who lives in the neighborhood to write an article about it and upload it to a news site like The Huffington Post. I don’t know how involved he is in the story, if he’s affected by it, or how his view could affect the story. If it’s not an important story, then I don’t care about it, or want to know about it. There are locals small newsletters, or news sites, and the guy around the corner can have all the fun he wants writing gossip pieces for those, but once something important becomes involved, I expect a professional journalist to be reporting on the situation.


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