On the Media (Fact Checkers)

In all the journalism classes I have taken I was always taught that the most crucial thing about reporting is to have accurate and reliable sources in order to have the facts right. To me its very surprising that big news networks and newspapers are getting their facts wrong? Check them before you publish them! I really don’t understand it as a student I am able to get my facts right, so as professionals who work for big news network, getting their facts right should be a priority. One of the reasons why these reporters lack credibility is because of they are being biased as NPR discussed; Craig Silverman mentions that these big networks are reporting wrongly and I highly agree with him because this is one of the biggest ways to loose the listener’s trust.


Another topic discussed that tied into the “fact checking” topic was the one about the world coming to an end. I thought this topic was very interesting, David Morrison mentioned that all the fuzz people are making about the world ending is all a lie, people are getting the information from the internet, which is not credible and its a big “rumor.” This goes back to our discussion in class about “The democracy of knowledge;” we all have the ability to publish whatever we want on the internet, whether is true or not, and now a days people want was easiest and most accessible to them, so when people type on the search engines, whatever they find is what they get because its there and easy to understand. However, they should do more research really find out what is the truth and what’s not. ANYONE can publish ANYTHING on the interne!


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