culture Jamming

I think that culture jamming is extremely important to our culture. Culture Jamming allows one to express their inner most thoughts and they can repeat this ides to get other people thinking. some great examples for culture jamming is graffiti and peta also has great examples. There are also website that are anti KFC, Wends, and Burger King. Their icons are great examples for culture jamming. I That picture to represent culture jamming. I feel like its a very strong piece and says a lot for me. I also chose this website. I think both forms of culture jamming are extremely powerful.  the baby has logos all over its body while its naked. I think that’s important because humans become walking billboards for clothing companies, humans become great forms of free advertisement for companies and we don’t get paid. I also think the website is perfect because shows how KFC is abusing and murdering their chickens. Its always good for websites like these to exist so everyone can understand both sides of KFC. (meaning the people who are for it and against) it really can open your eyes to things that are problem like factory farming and animal  abuse. If enough people start to react to these ideas of culture jamming things might change. 


One thought on “culture Jamming

  1. I picked this image too! And I think it’s interesting that you brought up the billboard aspect of it. I have thought for a while that it’s really odd that we pay to have a company displayed across our chest. Especially when you consider that most logos aren’t all that attractive. It’s one thing to spend your hard earned money on nicer clothes that are of better quality and style. But I think it’s really interesting how people will spend so much more money to have PINK written on their ass or A&F across their shirt.
    I also like that you mentioned the vulnerability of being naked. Perhaps even more importantly than the baby is the fact that the mother is exposed. She seems completely unaware of the problem facing her child and with that comes a sense of powerlessness.

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