Terms of Service

I thought the section on the Terms of Service was incredibly interesting, and a little bit scary to be honest. The idea that a company such as PayPal or iTunes has a terms of service agreement longer than Shakespeare plays is startling. An agreement to use a website shouldn’t be something that takes you a dedicated week to read. There shouldn’t be that much a person has to agree to just to use a website. There have been websites that attempted to be much more transparent, but never told hold for several reasons. Either due to bugs and security issues, or to the fact that sites such as Facebook and PayPal are already so entrenched at the tops of their fields that no once can take their place no matter how much support they garner. Someone needs to holds these companies accountable and make sure their terms of service are something people can actually read.

The “I agree to these terms of service” is definitely the biggest lie on the internet.


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