Culture Jamming


When discussing culture jamming in class, there were multiple definitions thrown around. When looking more into it, the best definition I came across was by Graham Meikle.

“Jamming involves the grassroots reworking of existing media images and media forms to change their meaning, to call attention to what may otherwise go unnoticed, to implicate those images in broader political issues. Jamming is self, reflective media activism, engaged with media issue.”

When I first think of culture jamming, I picture billboards in the city with graffiti, however this is actually extremely popular on the web now, even more so than graffiti. Whenever I scroll through Facebook, there are always examples of culture jamming “shared” by other users. I personally really enjoy most of the ones I’ve come across. Its a humerous way to get someone’s attention about a real issue. The example we looked at in class of the Sesame Street gang threatening Mitt Romney has stuck with me because of the irony that the favorite children’s show characters are holding knives threatening the presidential candidate.
The example I chose for the blog shows a Dodge Ram jeep in a typical car advertisement. The car’s out in a secret destination in the middle of the desert. The caption says “Nature… It’ll Grow Back.” This, of course, referencing the environmental carbon footprint left by the car industry. It is scary to think of a time when nature is not able to fight against our overpopulated world, and the more cars that are put on the roads, the closer to we’re getting to a time like that.


One thought on “Culture Jamming

  1. For real, the more I listen to people it really seems more and more evident that so many are completely unwilling to change environmentally. It’s like we all know we need to do something but we’re so spoiled and set in our ways it’s just “too hard.” The word “hard” has definitely become interchangeable with “well, it’s not 100% convenient.”
    I really feel like so many people are convinced that we’re so smart and are going to invent some magical machine that is just going to recreate our ozone or magically bring back species of plants and animals. It’s like in Spaceballs, when President Skroob cracks open a can of fresh air to inhale because the planet is running low. We can do that! I’m sure there will be designer air and different air markets. Elections will center around public access to these cans of air and it will undoubtedly create a multi-Billion dollar industry overnight. But seriously, I don’t think theres a magic button comin’ folks. Uh oh.

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