Culture Jamming

When looking for a “culture jammed” image I was honestly surprised that I didn’t find more! I really feel like I’ve seen this permanent sarcasm develop as an overtone on so many shows and all over the web. It seems like every other status I see on Facebook points out the ignorance of the media, political world etc. But it is clear, with the integration of the web into our everyday life, culture jamming has become more than tagging billboards.

However, I don’t agree that culture jamming doesn’t qualify on the internet simply because there isn’t a great enough risk. If anything, I think it is an opportunity for more message to be sent faster. And with the use of FB and other social media, I like that making such “corrections” to misguided ideologies can be considered an everyday conversation. The ironic thing is that if such participation became a truly common occurrence  it would be the new societal “norm” and then would no longer be culture jamming. At the same time, if everyone really thought about everything from such a viewpoint we wouldn’t really need to call to action anymore, would we? I don’t know, tangent.

Like I said, when looking for “culture jamming” images I thought that I would be bombarded with a million things. I also noticed a trend of the works being more clever than truly funny. It’s more like, “ya, the fact that it’s true is so ridiculous I have to smile.”


So the image I chose is a baby being breast fed by his mother. This image has no type but show what should be the most natural acts and taints it by featuring a child that is literally tattooed with brand labels. From Coca-Cola and McDonald’s to Mercedes and MTV, it is clear that the message conveyed by this act of culture jamming is that as a citizen of the first world we are literally claimed by all of these brands from birth. The fact that the mother is relaxed while nurturing her child emphasizes the fact that this consumeristic attitude is the social norm.


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