culture jamming

Culture jamming is an example of how people find ways to make other people stop and think about the society and culture in which they live. Culture jamming usually changes the meaning of a picture, such as an advertisement, but is also anything that causes people to re-think how images affect their thought process and daily routines.  Culture jammers want to make people think about why they do or buy something and why they live the way they do.  In my first example, people created a sign and placed it in front of a taco bell drive through. This sign has the exact same style and theme of taco bell, so at a first glance it looks like a regular menu. Once someone reads the content, it makes them think twice about buying this product and how trustworthy everything they read really is. This is an example of altering the message of a corporation’s advertisements.  My second example is a form of street art that causes viewers to stop and think about their actions. Although ads against smoking have become mainstream and everyone in American culture is exposed to the negative exposure regarding smoking, this art affects people who don’t expect to see an advertisement.


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