On the Media (Attacks on Advertisments)

Eduardo Salgado  Oct. 10

 The NPR broadcast mentioned Sinclair and how the Media in specific areas of the country was attacking this individual when he was present in Hollywood. When the Media sending negative messages about Sinclair was asked why they would not give the whole story they basically answered that they had a motive to put Sinclair out of Hollywood. What caught my attention is that some attacks towards this individual were just advertisements from paid actors to sway the public into thinking the way the media wanted them to think. In today’s media world this is obviously something we cannot escape because every newscast we hear is inclined to broadcast news that appeal to their target audience. Therefore why would any news broadcast give the “full story” or “both sides.” This is not news to me, what I am more concerned about these paid actors. Is anything I see true, and I am beginning to question even outside the topic of politics. Are the people in the Neutrogena and Proactive commercials really cured just because of those products? Are their faces being tampered with to make them look flawless? There are so many questions, and to be honest the only tool I find myself using to get honest responds are the consumer reviews, but even now some of those reviews are done because someone paid those people to write those comments. I really want every commercial and ad to make it clear that that if they were paid to say these things that the consumers see that’s very clearly. I am tired of the fast forward talk and the tiny letters at the bottom. I want the answers and I want the truth!


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