Semester Project

For my semester project, like I’ve discussed in class, I’m going to have an EDM tumblr. It’s going to include upcoming concerts, interviews with artists, free downloads (that I either find online or get from artists), up and coming artists, some WMVL (the college’s radio station) updates, and also add in some of my own personal obsession artists. I also would like to include concert videos, local venue info, and really anything to do with EDM. My goal is to have djs on the radio station be more updated on the artists I try each week to promote, as well as get their names out there to help artists that are slowly fighting to get known. If you have a tumblr account, PLEASE follow me. It will be interesting I promise. ALSO if you have any idears or advice please let me know.


One thought on “Semester Project

  1. Semester Project (I hate wordpress)

    My semester project is a combination of two seperate blogs. One of these blogs is my own and will be for the purpose of documenting my experience as a writer for another website. That site is dedicated to the study and analysis of NFL players, schemes, teams, etc. As a football lover, I am happy to be writing and study about it as a subject. This is the area I hope to get my voice heard, as it is something I will continue to pursue long after this class is over. I look forward to doing the work associated with the project and will update everyone with the link to my writing as well as my blog as soon as I am able.

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