Evolution of music over 10 years.

The fact that Lanier thinks there hasn’t been any new original music since Hip-Hop in the 80s personally offended me. First off, his example of Hip-Hop the last truly newly original genre is ridiculous. Hip-Hop is infamous for the sampling of others peoples music to base their own songs off of. Hip-Hop could arguably be the first genre of music where mash-ups occurred.

One of the genres I grew up listening to essentially started during the 90s and has evolved rapidly, and forked off into so many different genres. The rise of Post Hardcore in the 90s took from the history of Hardcore and Punk and formed something completely new.

A Post Hardcore band from the late 90s, Thrice, is a prime example of what Post Hardcore was like when it first started off. You can see the punk influences mixed fairly well with the hardcore influences. While the genre still exists today, there’s an entirely different mindset when it comes to the bands that fit under that label.

One of the biggest, Silverstein, is the perfect example of what Post Hardcore is today. While they still mix the elements of punk and hardcore, the focus has become more and more on making something poppy enough to be catchy and bring people back for more. Throughout their songs you’ll see examples of the “breakdown” that has become more and more popular in all the genres that have forked off of Post Hardcore and a mix of normal singing and harsh vocals or screaming that marks the genre today.

I can’t think of a genre that hasn’t splintered in some way in the last two decades, not to mention the rise of dubstep, that doesn’t directly contradict Laniers point. While I honestly agree with him on a bunch of issues. He is dead wrong on this one.


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