Music Throughout the Ages

Although techno/electronica music is mostly technology based, it has transformed quite a lot through the years. The song below was Number One on the charts for 90’s techno music, and as you can tell it sounds much more like a video game than music. As I researched electronic music from the past, it is evident that many of the songs do in fact sound like music straight from a video game and clubs would bump these tunes and people would just bob their heads to the beats. Most electronic artists would consist of one DJ/producer standing at a booth.


Now, electronic music is made through hundreds of mediums and electronic bands are starting to come out, which include a dj/producer providing the background beats with a full performing band with instruments. Its interesting because it seems its actually going back to the roots of music, including live instruments. Electronic music now has branched into many different genres, instead of the core electronic, techno and house, including much more bass, and drums, with lyrics many times included also. 


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