Semester Project – Cultural Corrections

For my semester project I’m going to be creating Adbuster-esq images that will address social problems. I am

I just completed my first image, my older brother is currently in Ethiopia with the Peace Corps and I used one of his photographs for the background. I then used google images, a pile of Nike shoes and two piles of broke electronics, and superimposed them to create the look of electronic waste. I added a tag line, “consumerism good for……nevermind.”

The message I am hoping to communicate is that there is no validity in the fact that others should suffer because we want to shop. That just doesn’t make sense to me and I resent the fact that the media has tried to convince us that being American is somehow synonymous with buying a lot of stuff.

Ewaste is a big problem that is not often discussed in the media, in fact, this is an issue I will address in my paper. In a world which consumerism is celebrated like a religion we have adopted the idea that new is always beter. No longer to we call the repair man to fix our televisions, we buy a new one. Would you really know where to take your toaster to get it fixed? I know I wouldn’t.

Why is this a problem? All of those electronics have to go somewhere. The U.S. pays countries, usually those most in need of money, to take our waste – and that includes unwanted electronics. The big danger of this, besides the waste of land is that computers, TVs, and other electronics contain heavy metals like lead, mercury, and cadmium which can pose a problem to the environment. It’s not fair to impose such dangers on people of other lands who have no means of stopping it.

If anyone has any ideas as to what I should name my project I would really appreciate the help!


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