Music over the Years

I guess we can say that music over the years has certainly developed. New genres of music such as dubstep, house music, and other forms of pop have emerged relating to society, and music has in many ways now made a connection with society including its current events, and issues relating to violence, crimes, politics, economics, poverty etc. I guess we can also say that in the 1990’s rock and rap were across the Bllboards, from artists such as Notorious B.I.G and the greatest rock bands such as Guns N Roses. I feel as if music back then worked together and music today is some what of a competition. Now you have rappers wanting to fight other rappers, artists writing songs about other artists, and in a way for some artists I feel as if they don’t really realize that the fans want to enjoy the music and instead of making the music for the fans they some what in a way become selfish. You have millions of fans that look up to these musicians and artists and see them as role models and some don’t realize that. Today not only are the greater forms of music but with the emergence of technology, music has been created differently adding a bit of a spice to it with musical beats, and instrumentals, and you have some of the greatest producers such as Dr. Dre, Timbaland, The Neptunes, Kanye West, Rick Rubin and the greatest artists such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Ne-Yo, etc. I feel as if today there are greater hits and there are new songs every two weeks varying from many different genres. A lot of music compared to many other years has also become a culture for some. As for music releases back then there were CD’s and Tapes but today there are many forms of digital media such as Pandora, Itunes, and YouTube that give fans access to music leaks and convenient ways of downloading their favorite songs rather than actually having to go out and buy a CD for a few bucks. I would certainly say that a lot of songs that have become classics have become popular on new forms of digital media such as Pandora and Itunes, and artists from the last decade have become legends. 


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