Semester Project-Swag Page

My semester project is certainly coming along well. For those of you in our class who have instagram please follow the Swag Page and show the support. Just ass dannydavila23. The Swag page is a way for men and women to express their styles of fashion, culture, statements, personalty, characteristics, etc. The Swag page already has 43 followers, and is following 79 instagram users. It already has over 40 pictures in the first week from its users and Manhattanville students and average 5-8 swag posts a day. I feel as if every one should be able to express the ways they feel especially in fashion, and your style which in a way represents your identity, and it gives others a way of learning who you are and picking up ideas from others. I am also going to be putting along together a blog discussing the swag pics, and will add the feature of Swag Pic of the Week. I look forward to the rest of the semester with the project and hope that you all do as well. A lot of students know of the page which makes me happy and I hope that others spread the word, and share their ideas and styles.


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