Weekly Update on Semester Project (10/17)

Hi Everyone, 

Ivan and I have finally started our semester project. We created a wordpress blog and a facebook to promote our blog and make small announcements on the school’s intramural games/events we will be covering for our semester project. 

We started our semester project this past Saturday, October 13th. We went to the first collegiate Rugby Game between Manhattanville and Iona, we watch the game and took some pictures, which I still have to upload to put them on our blog. After attending the game we created a wordpress blog and immediately created our first blog, not only did we create our blog but we also created a facebook page.

Once we created our pages we wanted to post pictures, and decorate our dashboard, however, we have not uploaded the pictures yet and we had a couple of questions about copyright issues that we would like to discuss in class. 

Here are the links to our facebook and blog ,which we have not yet started to design, however we came up with a name for both and we already started to blog. 


WordPress: http://invisiblevalients.wordpress.com/


Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Invisible-Valiants/479621878725710


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