Research Project

For my research project and paper, I will be looking into the phenomena of internet stardom. New media has allowed people to try their hand at careers, which never before had been accessible. For example: I am a sports fanatic and use many different websites to stay up to the minute with information and breaking news. One of these websites (actually one of the more visited) is made up of content submitted by numerous amounts of people. These people didn’t get their role as a sports writer for the site by graduating with a journalism degree. Instead, they go through a process of submitting articles to the site, that if the editors like, are then posted for all to see. Eventually, these aspiring writers can become featured columnist for the site and get paid for their work.

Whats the point? I’m glad you asked (if you have even read this far). It is that if one is talented, willing to chase their dream, and producing content relevant to an ever-changing society; they can much easier reach that dream thanks to new media.

So, I am going to research some of the more famous or well known 15 minute success stories, and see what trends are alike throughout. I want to know, what is the thread between all of these people, allowing them to take advantage of new media in order to become famous? Is it something they are each doing or does the mass audience of new media pick and choose who will make it and who won’t?

As my research evolves, and I gather more information about my subjects, I will post updates. Being that this paper loosely connects to my semester project, I am that much more interested in researching the topic. As a sportswriter myself, I would love to know what those who make it have in common, in order to take advantage of the market for my own career.


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