My Research Paper and Semester Project Status

I have been doing a lot of research for mainly my semester project, but i have done a little for my research paper.  I have written down and collected many sources, and have taken many notes.  For my semester project i have written down my plan for how i am going to organize it, and have started to think of ways i want to portray my ideas in the best way i think i can.  I’m probably going to start the actual project sometime at the end of this week or the beginning of next week.  I just want to collect some more notes, and information and then i will be able to start.  I just don’t want to be searching around for videos, and information to use while i’m doing the project, so i would like to have it all at my hand and have all the links i need in order to complete it so i can get it done more effectively.  I will start to collect more information and data for my research paper late on this week or next week.  But that is where i am so far in my process.


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