Semester Project 10/23 Update

For my semester project, I would like to set up a blog of posts based on different health and beauty tips that can apply to both men and women. It won’t focus primarily on the benefits of one gender. Instead of people constantly watching the news, and shows like Dr. Oz (mainstream media) or for those who are too lazy to research, this blog will be any easy guide of ways they can improve their health, etc. and they can repost and reply some of their own ideas.  

While searching for other blogs in this genre of “health” and “beauty” I came across various blogs and websites on the internet that share the same sort of idea, but some of them are more centralized for women, giving nail, hair, and makeup tips or if not usually tips primarily on health. I’d like to share some as well and incorporate both, but go a little beyond that. Maybe give some personal tips that I apply to myself, which can apply to others. Most of the pages on blog sites such as Tumblr (which is the one I’ll be using to blog) merely post pictures, but I’d like to take a little more time to write out posts, giving tips step by step. I will be the primary writer, making posts, in which those that follow will be able to view, reply/comment on their experience trying it out or just giving feedback. I will repost some that I may find from other people, or if anyone has a suggestion I will post those as well. 


Here are the links to my twitter and blog which I will start to make posts on:


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