No Endorsements

Eduardo Salgado Oct 25

Is the form of media that we thought was on the verge of disappearing making a comeback? Is refusing to take endorsements helping newspapers become a valuable source to receive honest and unbiased news articles.  I think what newspapers are doing is not only a positive move economically, but they will be able to regain some of the readers they lost due to new forms of media. Finally this form of media looks aside from the money they could be gaining and focuses on maintaining the integrity of the news, and gives the readers what they want. Revenue can come in all ways, but once and audience notices which side one is parting with a massive group of people are not interested in reading one’s work. I would rather my revenue come from the people buying my newspaper because they are interested, and not be fed some lies that some of the endorsers want me to publicize. This news makes me want to pick up the newspapers because both candidates are fair game, and no matter which candidate I’m siding with I rather know the full story of their actions. All other forms or media will try to manipulate the truth and keep the people brainwashed into thinking that their actions “were not so harmful.” That should never be the case and candidates especially should always be under the loop, they are destined to run an entire country, so if they mess up I want to know. Also another reason why this is a good move for newspapers is because this form of media still and forever will remain a valid source of news. Newspapers already have established trust so now that they are not taking some endorsements people will probably pick up a newspaper, and find the cold hard facts.


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