Research Project-The Negative Influence that Magazines have on young teenagers

For my research project, I will be writing about the negative influence that magazines have on young teenagers. I think that today this is a huge issue in society, and the information and images that a lot of these magazines portray to young teenagers persuades them to be these “characters” is what I like to call them, transforming them from who they are or always have been into a new person. For example, a lot of magazines targeted towards young girls such as Seventeen, Cosmo, Teen vogue, Teen voice and others portray these sexual topics and images to our youth questioning them on who they really are which cognitively creates a new personality from that for our youth in society. Questions such as “What kind of sexy girl are you”,”What kind of party girl are you”, “How to look sexy for your boyfriend”, or “How to be like other girls and what to wear”, all portray other younger girls and other women to be the same when they’re all not, and it creates in a way a bit of a double-standard for youth coming from mass media. In my research paper, I will also compare 5 magazines of girls to boys and make a content analysis showing the similarities between both, comparing and contrasting questions, advertisements, and phrases portrayed by all 10, along with my research on the actual influence that magazines have on youth. A lot of magazines are viewed by friends of friends, or at supermarkets while parents are doing grocery shopping, and in many ways along with other mass media as an adult now, I guess many people don’t realize that it actually is destroying our youth, and for women a form of sexualization is always being portrayed in a magazine which isn’t good as well. A lot of these magazines which I will also include is that it creates peer pressure for a lot of teenagers, and those who actually have low-self-esteem, don’t feel the same way that others do, and feel like the odd one from all of their pretty or handsome friends. Interpersonal and Intrapersonal relationships will also be discussed, and Narcissm as well. Narcissm in a way is how an individual feels about themselves, and I think that this would fit well into my research paper. 


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