Semester Project Progress

For some reason, I can’t get find the URL for my Tumblr (the URL box is hidden on my mac and I can’t figure out how to fix it, so I’ll post the URL tomorrow so you guys can follow). But in the mean time, this is what I posted so far on the blog:

Title: The Dark Side of Fitness Competitions and posts regarding ‘Thinspo’ or ‘Fitspo’

Have you every searched hash tags on twitter or instagram with #fitspo or #thinspo? If you have you were probably interested in finding new healthy diet plans or workout routines. Most girls admire women who compete in fitness competitions and aspire to deprive their bodies and exert their bodies with insane diets and/or workout plans. Guess what, the body you see posing with an eight pack and thighs that don’t touch is not realistic, so why are you searching these people and images to learn how to possibly look like such a person?

I have a sister who competed in two fitness competitions; she got first place in INBF Naturalmania Bikini and first place in NPC Bikini. I also have a best friend who began training for one. I am going to post an interview between my sister and my friend regarding their experiences through training and or competing. I want to share the long lasting effects that can happen to a woman’s body after putting her body through the training for one of these competitions. Sure, the meal plan and work out routine can encourage a person who once lived an unhealthy lifestyle to become more healthy, but only if it is in moderation. I do not believe the diet plan and work out routine for a fitness competition encourages a healthy lifestyle, I believe it produces eating disorders, self image issues, and addictive exercise habits.

Lately, fitness competitions seem to be glamorized more than ever. I want to bring awareness to the dangers of these competitions and what women should expect before deciding to compete in one. Also, women think they can eat and work out the same way a woman does when training, but that is not the case. No person can eat or work out the way that is required for a competition for their whole lives. As a matter of fact, the average woman gains 15-20lbs right after finishing a fitness competition. The fluctuation in weight seems like an issue and the beginning of a vicious cycle.

In a couple of days, I will post my interviews as well of pictures of my sister and friend (names will be released after approval).. 



“An alarming number of American girls, some as young as 9, are using bodybuilding steroids — not necessarily to get an edge on the playing field, but to get the toned, sculpted look of models and movie stars, experts say.”

and this chart : Image


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