“Misinformation Around Sandy”

            Throughout the anticipation and landfall of hurricane Sandy, there were immense amounts of speculated statements and photographs of the storm. This questionable “true and false” information circulated throughout social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook People were making their own claims, which I do believe for some was simply miscommunication but others were just trolling. But since the country was at a vulnerable state in that particular moment in time, it was likely for most of us to generally believe whatever we’re hearing. No one wanted to think that they could be potentially lied to about something so serious. Like they said in the podcast, proving reports such as a shark swimming around flooded jersey houses and the swirling brownish blackish cloud ready to pounce on the statue of liberty were difficult to prove false because they are plausible situations. Saying, “pictures don’t lie, but of course they sometimes do” is valid statement because people dramatize making the rest of us think things are more catastrophic than they really are. We ended up believing overly dramatic false, and disbelieving what was actually real.

            It’s so interesting to realize what the power a tweet had throughout all of this. There were tweets saying that Con-Edison was planning on shutting off all power in Manhattan, which I even saw myself in my Twitter newsfeed. And then I also saw replies to it where people in disbelief, yet ironically believing it. Although many of the tweets that circulated were not meant to be taken seriously, were. It’s amazing to see how tweets make it so far as to mainstream media such as CNN and The Weather Channel, reporting these made up statements as fact. Then after finding out they’re false, we can’t help but to further question the credibility of even traditional media. It’s disappointing because even those broadcasts are generally our main sources of information, and even that can be unreliable. I remember questioning myself when seeing the news and reading all of these “updates” was all this actually true. No one was doing further research, and instead just agreed to what these trolls were saying and spreading the word to others, in actuality proving the gullibility of so many people. 


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