On The Media-Why You Can’t Vote Online Yet

For this weeks, On the Media, the most interesting case I enjoyed was “Why You Can’t Vote Yet” pod casts. Voting online is already an idea to be made for the future. It was mentioned that voting on the internet isn’t such a good idea because of identity. How would Americans who vote actually be able to identify if it’s really them, and reporters considered it a Fraud. I think that this probably isn’t such a great idea and on top of that there letting “technology” over power everything once again. Americans turn too much to technology for everything and it has become an efficient form of mankind that has been used for everything for all mass mediums from TV to the internet, and now is going to become a thought for Voting. There are many computer geeks out there who are able to hack into computer systems, and figure out ways to do things, and possibly make all things in their favor. It probably wouldn’t be a great idea that for politics voting online is safe because there’s always that special someone who is the creator of it all. They also mentioned that in Estonia, they use I.D. cards for most things and voting would be one. The idea for Estonia’s I.D. card has created the terms of E-Stonia, and E-Government. Brooke question Thad Hall, if Google can control everything else we do, then why can’t we vote online. Brooke also actually questions if we would be able to vote in our pajamas. I think this probably would be a convenient way for many but there just going to have to come up with a secure way to vote if it is done online and it has to be safe and controlled by some kind of government authority. 


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