Reaction to my Research paper

Since I’ve been writing my research paper Ive been thinking of ways to slow down cyber bullying. although the term cyber bullying cover the internet and cells phones, Ive been looking at specially social media. I think that although it maybe a lot states don’t necessarily have to criminalize bullies, they need to start by fixing social networks. there should be a function that allows a victim to report a bully, after the function is done(whether its pressing a button or what eve) the bully losses all access to the victim. Although states have laws the laws are broad and they may interfere with freedom of speech., it need to start at the problem social networks. since it extremely crucial for teens to maintain a social identity it shouldn’t be as free spirit and care free as they’ve been (im not sure its changed since I haven’t had a Facebook in over a year) since people are children and are acting like children TREAT THEM LIKE CHILDREN. Its extremely heart breaking and disturbing to see what these victims have gone through. Although Amanda Todd has past its like her divergent voice is being herd more than before, with all the reactions and pages contributed to her death people now see her pain. It sad it took for her to die for this to happen its happened. I have been progressing well with my paper and I’ve gotten pretty far with it.


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