Amazon vs Books

Eduardo Salgado    Nov. 27, 2012

As much as I would hate to admit the book industry just like the newspaper industry is close to meeting its end.  This NPR segment was on point when it introduced its segment as “Adapt or Die.” The book industry should have been prepared for the EBook phenomenon because technology is moving at a fast rate and people are always looking for the next best thing. The only library I have visited lately is my school library and that is only for studying purposes.  People now buy online and are now even given the option to rent online if they do not want to purchase the book. Amazon is killing the book industries and its publishers, but at the end of the day Amazon is a business and it is trying to make money from their product. Books don’t make as much money as they used to and Amazon is trying to adapt to this change by selling other items and selling books at a lower price. I feel that the publishers should not be angry towards Amazon and their lowered prices because in some way they are to blame as well.  They obviously know that the popularity of books have decreased so their choices are to figure out how to make books interesting again, or incorporate their writing into the new technology being introduced.  I agreed with the suggestions or the initiatives some publishers and authors are taking when introducing a new book. It is always towards ones benefit to research which areas ones target market are located in, and visit those areas to increase interest. Also adding perks like trip available or lessons from the authors could raise awareness for the book. Also switching to EBooks seems to be the obvious choice for these authors and publishers because if they refuse they might go bankrupt in the next 10 years. Without change Amazon will just continue to drop the prices on books, publishers will lose money, and fewer books will be produced throughout the country.


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