On the Media Nov. 16″Petreus’s Relationship with Journalists”

First of I think that this scandal with Petraes’s affair in a way is a big deal because you would of course Americans and the media wouldn’t expect a military official or government official to commit such an unfaithful act. They refer to Petreus’s as savvy, and a tribune because of his communication with the reporters. I don’t know why they would think that his ways and relationships with reporters was manipulative because that has nothing to do with his behavior towards reporters. I feel as if they make this scandal seem that Petraeu’s was a symbolic figure who everyone looked up to and let all of America down. Does it show no leadership or set an example as a commander…No it doesn’t but he does also have his own personal life. The same way President Clinton was accused of having an affair with Monica Lewinsky, if it was true or not, that is his personal business. A lot of reporters say that they loved to interview Petraeus’s because the way he interacted with the media, and he was much different than other in the government. John Lee mentions that he believes after the “smoke” has cleared that Petraeus’s will still be seen as a charm, leader, and one of the best to interact with the media in the way he did. He may be a legend towards reporters because of how he was with them but he certainly isn’t a legend because of his affair. Of course there are rules and regulations that government officials must follow and I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of rules that are disobeyed but we can’t expect things like this to be a shocker when they have occured before. Corruption always plays a part in politics with money, property, bills, etc. for the benefit of the politics, and of course they don’t care. so Petraeus’s doesn’t care because of what he did but I’m sure he cares that he embarrassed his family and lost his job.


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