MPR – Week 23 (Is Amazon A New Monopoly?)

I understand, like any other company why Amazon is being defined as a new monopoly and how it can negatively affect writers and publishers, however, as a student I find Amazon products affordable, especially their books. I really don’t see the big deal, as the company that Amazon is their goal is to make profit, like any other company. I know that writers are struggling, but I believe that there are many other ways to sell their books, the issue that is being discussed  is that publishers want to set their price as opposed to Amazon setting it for them, but like any other company that’s trying to make profit is understandable that they want to set their price standards. According to the NPR this week this is called agency pricing, which means that Amazon is selling their books for cheap in order for people to stay and buy other products, but this is their business strategy. I don’t agree that Amazon is going to kill the book industry, liek I said there are many other ways to sell books and this personally benefits the consumer (me), I think this is a good way to promote books to students who can’t really afford to buy them at full price. I definitely don’t agree with what it was said on NPR that “Amazon wants to lure us into buying other things through books.” I honestly can’t complain, they have cheap things and free shipping, I am not opposed to either of these.


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