Semester Project Update

For this upcoming week we are planning on organizing two tournaments. The first one will be on FIFA at the “Game Zone”, it is scheduled to be on Tuesday November 4th. The second one will be a ping pong tournament, hosted at the same place but on Wednesday November 5th.

We are trying to get store gift cards to give out as prizes for the winners. The tournaments will be organized according to the amount of people that sign up. Both will be played individually and will be free to sign-up.

As well as organizing tournaments, we have set a focus on the Rugby team as our main sport. Given that this week there will be no games (due to weather conditions) we are planning on giving injury updates, practice insights and 1-on-1 interviews to get to know the players.

Aside from it, this past week, we have been promoting the Facebook fan page, our goal by Sunday is to reach 100 fans (we currently have 46). The posts are getting good audience given that we have provided coverage for sporting events that would not usually get promoted.

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One thought on “Semester Project Update

  1. I just want to make a correction on the tournament dates, they will be on December 4th and 6th. Aside from all the things that Ivan mention, we also created a cover photo for our facebook fan page and changed our profile picture to make it look neater. Like Ivan mentioned we have been promoting our sites anyway possibly, mostly by email and facebook status.

    In the next week we also want to upload some pictures, interviews, videos to our facebook etc.

    Beside following us on facebook, don’t forget to also follow our blog at:

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