On the Media Response

I think it was crazy how they used another Neda for the photo of the real Neda that had been killed. This goes to show how privacy has become a major concern from social media networking how the Neda who was used in the photo, her Facebook photo had been taken from her profile without her permission. They used her photo to be the face of opposition. Time magazine called this the most visible tragedy ever. I agree with Neda when she says that the media is a mechanism and once it starts it will continue and keep on going. I think this was really scary for this girl and it was like she was actually imagining her own death. Her photo became one of the most popular images, and she became aware from TV shows, emails, photos, and it became known that even when the media confused the wrong Neda, there was a concern and when the real Neda who was killed was noticed her real photos were revealed and there was a major confusion. I think this goes to prove why 5 bills of social networking and privacy have been passed in the states of Connecticut, California, Maryland, Delaware, and Illinois. This poor girls life could of been ruined because her photo was revealed off of Facebook, and it wasn’t even her. It was as if she lived her own tragedy. 


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