Mark Rubinstein Semester Project

I found this weeks on the media to be quite interesting and the first segment related a lot to participatory journalism.  I think it’s wrong of someone to take a photo of someone who is about to die, and even worse for the New York Post to accept and buy the photo to put in the newspaper.

My semester project ended up being a lot of fun, and I enjoy fantasy basketball a lot so it really kept me in touch with what was going on in the fantasy world, and actually helped me a lot with managing my own team.  I hope i helped many other people as well, and i really feel that i will continue to work on my semester project from thus point on.  I tried to keep up with it on a regular basis, and learned a lot from doing this project.  I think it’s cool that i got to voice my opinion on my own blog, and got to become journalist.  I think it helped me learn what the life of a journalist entails, and i was happy that i got to participate in doing this blog.  Here is the link to my fantasy basketball blog and i hope everyone enjoys it.


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