Critique of Consumerism

My semester project focused on bringing together two truths to create a new and ironic truth, revealing the true intention of an industry, policy (social or politics) etc. I participated in my culture jamming experiment by manipulating images in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, Using my very basic knowledge of the two programs, often visiting Youtube for directional support, I mashed together images to create something new. And while Lenier may condemn me for my “originality,” because I did sample images from Google, I maintain that there is no affect on the value of the messages in my work.

My audience for this assignment was really everybody because we are all touched by these problems, even if we are the ones causing it. I considered my options and chose to create a group on Facebook called Critique of Consumerism. Of the 445 members, the page seemed to generate a bit of buzz and it was interesting to find that I actually got more feedback in person than I did on the site! I think people are very worried about seeming either all-knowing or are afraid of being made fun of based on their views. But I did appreciate the virtual feedback. Members were first more comfortable making “likes” but eventually, the conversations got rolling. I would try to not take over conversations, hoping that these members whom live all over the globe would talk to one another. And it happened!

At one point I did want to change the name of the group. After I made the “conservative hypocracy” piece, I was wondering if “Critique of a Consumerist Society” would be a better group name.  But Facebook doesn’t allow a change of name and to my surprise nobody every mentioned it. What I would have changed for this assignment is really just that I wish I would have anticipated, more accurately the amount of time it takes to make each of these messages. But I am excited to say that I have definitely improved my skills in the way of Photoshop and AI and I’m totally planning on keeping this project going for a while.

Check it out….



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