On The Media: Saturday, December 8th.

It would be cheap to post a reproduction of today’s test answer to the question pertaining to OTM. So, instead I’ll discuss another segment of the episode- the Javon Belcher tragedy and persistent NFL publicity battles.

As I see it, most every player and fan of the NFL know the dangers in playing the game. The 4,000 law suits filed against the NFL, by ex-players, may seem convincing evidence to the contrary, but its not. Players may have once been ignorant to the long-term repercussions to concussions, due to the NFL withholding information they were aware of. However, by now, every player knows the dangers.

I can only imagine if Johnny Cochran were alive today; he’d have no use for the ‘if it don’t fit, you must acquit’ argument, and he surely wouldn’t need it. He could simply argue that O.J did do it- but it’s ultimately the fault of football. This way O.J could have been in a mental institution on that fateful day when he decided to do more stupid crap and get himself locked up again.

Regardless of the NFL’s marketing strategy or if Belcher has a history of concussions, the thing we need to be talking about more in media is human aspects of a story; such as the little girl who is now orphaned as a result of this awful murder/suicide.


One thought on “On The Media: Saturday, December 8th.

  1. Ya I think they’re aware of the dangers as well. But I’m interested to know if it’s the love of the game or the cash that’s making it seem all worth it to them. I thought it was interesting that they kept pointing out how football is really getting more and more dangerous with bigger players and I really hadn’t thought of that before! When you think of the 1950s black and white footage of skinny white dudes running down the field, it is clear that the game has definitely turned into something totally different.

    The whole PSA thing though is kinda lame I think. I mean if the NFL was genuinely concerned with their players safety they would take immediate measures to stop it, maybe even stopping the games. I’m not saying this is the right thing to do, I’m just saying that if a shark is in the water you don’t send out a press release saying you’ll take care of the victims once they’re attacked. Haha that’s the only metaphor that came to mind.

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