Response to Cat (OTM)

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There is certainly truth in stating players have bigger and stronger. However, the game is no more dangerous today, and ill briefly give a reason why. Numbers are out of context in most stories, because while they mention how common concussions are, they don’t account for the fact that people were never reporting them in the 60s,70s,80s…
With different protocol adopted in last decade- it’s made the game slightly safer.
Equipment has also significant improved.

My opinion is that the NFL and commissioners prior to Goodell did a poor job dealing with injuries to the head.
Keep in mind- players in NFL play for an average of only 3.3 years. They don’t want to report injuries because they don’t want to lose their job- as is the harsh nature of football. The danger of football is multiple concussions- so reporting them is imperative. Ultimately, players of the game are responsible just as much, if not more than the league.


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