MY BOSS IS A ************** ****!!!

I decided to respond to the segment regarding Facebook and their seemingly constant privacy changes. The debate around this segment deals with the question of whether or not freedom of speech is protected by your Facebook and/or Twitter account. If you make a status about a boss, employer, or person of authority that casts a negative light- (as is human nature!), will there be consequences?

Apparently the answer is no (to an extent).

Personally if this is my personal page I should have the right to say what I want as long as it is not connected to the employer’s page. I don’t think a social media site should be used in the professional world as far as hiring is concerned. Having said that you should clean up the Facebook pages , because inevitably there will be people peering trying to dismantle your character.
If you write things to hurt or bad mouth a worker- it is your own funeral and people should make better judgment, however if writing about work conditions it should not be of anyone’s concern. As stated there is a lever of appropriateness that can and not be crossed. If the message has substance: “My boss is an irresponsible jerk he has not given me the paperwork I need after weeks” might be protected. However saying or wishing harm on someone is obviously not tolerated.

This shows the sheer weight that social media has in our personal and professional lives. Facebook is becoming a supreme entity.

It’s an interesting debate.


2 thoughts on “MY BOSS IS A ************** ****!!!

  1. I feel like as time progresses some people (at least in my personal experiences) have cleaned up their Facebook pages- asking people to take down photos or not to tag them. Is it okay to bad mouth publicly? No. But people still do it as a means to release some anger. As long as someone’s name isn’t blatantly used I think this is acceptable. As seen in one of the other “On The Media” podcasts- some people use Facebook personally and professionally which neither you could say are really “private”. I use my public Facebook more as a means to do “self-promoting” as I think anyone should. People should know where to place personal lives as well as professional lives and quite frankly, I don’t think many social media users know how to.

  2. I understand that Facebook gives users the liberty to express their freedom of speech rights, however, even if the remarks are not threatening or wishing harm upon someone, wouldn’t it be better to just, not? Not say anything about your boss because even if it is not malicious, there is still a fairly big…no… very big chance that this will get back to your boss, seeing as how that is the point of Facebook? To get people’s attention. If we think back to a time where cyber publishing did not exist, would you go to the local newspaper and publish something about how much you hate your job/boss? Probably not, it would probably be written down somewhere private, the key word here is PRIVATE. This word in itself is the polar opposite of what Facebook stands for. I agree with you that people should be able to say what they want, and if you “bad mouth a worker that’s your funeral” but why even publically publish that? So, instead of asking if punishing someone for slamming their boss/co-worker is infringing upon their freedom of speech, shouldnt we be asking the question why do people really feel the need to publish something of that nature on a public website?

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