Facebook, a cure or a disease?


As our society progress in this technological era, it seems a portion of us would quickly die off without these essential things, food, water and Facebook. Although it may sound completely absurd and absolutely ridiculous, in the past few years there have been various reports of individuals using Facebook as a life saving resource. So with that in mind, is Facebook a cure or a disease?

Facebook is only about 9 years old and we are still learning a lot about the influences it has on our society. In Zadie Smith’s, Generation Why? she discusses how social networking has led to an emotionally disconnected individual, who cannot differentiate a living human being from a Facebook profile picture. So is Zadie Smith correct? Is generation Y becoming a bunch of pretentious simpletons, or is there more than meets the eye?

On January 28th, 2012 On the Media discussed how Facebook is now a sensitive topic amongst large companies and employers. The first amendment permits freedom of speech, yet individuals must now filter their Facebook statuses of scrutinizing work related remarks. While this is becoming a more prevalent problem, it is interesting to think we will one day have specific laws set in place for social network statements.

As we become more educated about the consequences of our usage, it is needless to say that Facebook is an incredible phenomenon. At this point intime it is difficult to predict its long-term influences and how it has ultimately created an era of increasingly casual communicators.

-Gabrielle Escarrega


One thought on “Facebook, a cure or a disease?

  1. I really agree with everything you are saying in your blog. It is very interesting to see how things have changed so much in terms of internet and how now peoples personal online lives are colliding with their work lives. A facebook status could directly relate to you standing at your job and it is a pretty scary thing to know that these twos worlds can now go hand in hand. I also really liked your point about how one day there will be specific laws set in place for social networks, it solidifiys that things really are changing. Facebook really is an incredible phenomenon and it will be interesting to see where it goes from here on out.

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