On The Media: Facebook Privacy


Facebook has become a major part of the world we live in today. Not only do majority of people have their own Facebook pages, but, businesses, musicians, stores, and much more have pages of their own promoting themselves. Over the years as Facebook has grown to what it is today there have been numerous privacy settings and changes. Is private really private though?

I found it interesting to be able to listen in to a subject like Facebook because it is a huge part of my generation and it is only growing as the years go on. It is understood that whatever you put on the Internet is open to anyone who can get access to it. But when you are able to make your own personal page private that’s something good that people want to do. However when privacy settings are changing monthly and things are being added and deleted on a regular basis it is hard to keep up with the privacy settings. I know that I don’t ever know when there is a new privacy setting or a new way to keep my pictures from the public eye. The only way I ever change my settings is when I go and look at them.

I think Facebook needs to make it more known when their privacy settings are changed and the terms and conditions are different because it could become a problem in the near future.


One thought on “On The Media: Facebook Privacy

  1. Its interesting that a website heavily devoted to keeping people together it completely violates someone’s “private” space. It turns “Facebook Friends” into “Facebook Stalkers” letting anyone access what you post even on other social media sites (instagram, Twitter, etc.) I think an issue with our generation is that no one wants to read the “Terms of Agreement” and are too quick to click accept not realizing that they are saying “Yes, you can make my life public to everyone and I’m okay with that” when in reality majority of us really aren’t. I agree that Facebook should make it known, but it is also dependent on the user and their will and want to actually read. Most times, it could be displayed- we just choose to ignore the warning.

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